Feb 21 2018

Today’s Topic: Special Dental Diets, Treats, Chews and Toys – Are Dental products real or gimmicks

  • There are many brands of dental diets available to feed your special pet. They are designed to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. These diets do not all work in exactly the same way but the actual regular use of a right diet can truly help in the reduction of dental tartar which in turn helps reduce the onset of periodontal disease.
  • Are Dental Foods, Treats and such for all pets?? NO, they are not. If your fur baby has severe dental tartar, periodontal disease or broken teeth then dental foods can actually be harmful so PLEASE have your pet fully assessed with a complete physical exam with attention to oral health BEFORE starting these products. In many cases, dental foods should only start after dental work has been completed and you have a go-ahead from your veterinarian.
  • Although there are many brands available, here at Middle Sackville Veterinary Care Centre we carry 2 top of the line dry products: Royal Canin Dental and Hills Prescription T/D. Both are dry foods available for cats and dogs. There are even two different sized kibbles for dogs: one for small dogs and one for large dogs. Some dogs may eat this food too fast and choking could be a problem so always discuss the use of these foods with our staff before purchasing. These foods are made of top quality, wholesome ingredients and are
    stabilized with natural anti-oxidants.
  • Here at Middle Sackville Veterinary Care Centre we often recommend starting these foods by using them as treats and because they are maintenance diets then later incorporate them into your pet’s regular feedings as the whole diet or part of.
  • These foods work by helping to scrape plaque from your pet’s teeth because of the kibble’s size, shape, and texture. There are also special ingredients incorporated into the kibble itself that binds with the plaque and helps to remove it from the teeth.
  • There are many other things that can help your pet’s teeth including dental treats, dental chews and dental chew toys even products to add to drinking water. There is a product for every pet and pet parent budget.
  • Please stop by our Veterinary Care Centre anytime and our staff members will be more than happy to discuss and help you find the right food, treats or toys that will best suit your special fur baby’s needs. Improved oral and dental health WILL help improve their overall health! Feel free to call us anytime as well at 902-864-2882.

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