Feb 16 2018

Today’s Topic: Dental Extractions

  • Dental extractions (removing teeth) may need to be done once a dental disease has become advanced.
  • There are many reasons why teeth should be extracted – if they are loose, have developed cavities, or have become broken or damaged. All these conditions will result in the affected teeth being painful for your pet.
  • Many pets will not show they are experiencing any pain related to their teeth and will continue to eat. The most common thing owners notice is an unpleasant odor to their pet’s breath.
  • Some possible signs of dental pain can include pawing at the mouth, head shaking, trouble chewing,
    dropping food from their mouth, drooling excessively, and their saliva may even contain blood.
  • After having teeth removed your pet will have to eat a softened diet for a while until their mouth isn’t feeling as sore.
  • We recommend a recheck 10-14 days after the procedure to ensure everything has completely healed and they can go back to their regular diet again.

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