Jul 12 2020

Tick Borne Diseases in Nova Scotia (NS)

There is a new online tick identification platform called eTick and is now available to help inform and update you about tick-borne diseases in Nova Scotia. 

eTick is a citizen science tick-monitoring platform created by Bishops University and is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The Department of Health and Wellness and Acadia University, who will be providing the identification services, are collaborators on this project.

The eTick app is available for free download for mobile devices or users also have the option to access the service on the eTick.ca website. Individuals can submit pictures of ticks they find on themselves, pets, or in the environment to the platform for identification within 48 hours. This service provides tick identification only and does not test the ticks for bacteria that cause tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease. In addition to tick identification, the submitter will be provided with public health messaging. The information will be mapped in real-time to show the distribution of tick species throughout the province. This information is available at https://www.etick.ca/en

It is important to be aware that this service is available and so that you may bring information provided through this service to our attention during your pet appointments. This can play a key role in providing information that may beneficial to the care of your pet. 

This information can be accessed online at the following websites: 

We encourage you to follow @nshealth on Twitter, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness on Facebook and NSHA Instagram @novascotiahealthauthority to find out more about tick safety. 

Thank you for your support in raising awareness about tick safety, tick-borne disease prevention, and the availability of the eTick platform to your friends and family. Please share! 

Linda Passerini, CPHI(C) and Colleen Ryan, CPHI (C), MPA Nova Scotia Zoonotic Diseases Technical Working Group Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness

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